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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tell me...

Tell me if the rains aren`t wet this season,
Tell me if the sky is empty of the stars,blank`s the reason?
Tell me about the tears that have dried,
Tell me about the moments you imagined me by the side.

Tell me when you sat alone watching the shining moon,
Tell me when you dreaded coming home too soon,
Tell me true, if the winds bring you my promise,
Tell me o my love, if you have saved the letters and the blissful kiss.

Don`t ask me though, when I will return,
Country fed me for life, now it’s my turn,
I dream of you all the time, even now,
I miss you all this while, and don`t ask me how.

But keep telling me about the chores of the home,
The kids we imagined, the garden all green and a lively dome.
For I will dream in silos, new memories would help me live,
Write me, for the smiles here are very precious and few.

We will dream together, even if miles apart,
We will stand together, like a horse and its cart,
Tell me if how you miss me dear,
For I always dream you being safe and near.

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