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IIFT: The last Alma Mater...

My last college...
Oh! I will miss you!!!
The golden brown furnished chairs, The class bunking dares, The Roll call that I seldom gave a miss, My corner in the room where feet took me in a brisk. The Four letter acronym that is IIFT, Is much more than the salary that is hefty, Is a place where spirits toil hard, Is a college which houses both the baron and the bard.
The envelope of a haunted forest and a sacred monastery, Makes the rain and the winter that much more blistery and misty, The small area which we called home for the last two years, Rested our emotions, allayed our fears.
It all started on the 1st of July 2009,the year of yonder, The room in the old hostel, our abode of dreams and wonder, Can`t help but remember the unforgiving heat that greeted us all, The first few weeks brought all the misfortunes, the PD`s rubbed in the gall.
I cant place the fast moving college 'Gas‘ or lectures, The blur of the subjects now a hazy memory, their relevance mere conjectures, In formals we trotted in gr…