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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Musings::Heaven on Earth!

Heaven on Earth

The conjecture of  a place well beyond the reach of humans has long enticed our imagination.To us notion of heaven is luring,bordering between our own wistful thinking and reality and dimming the light between beauty and dreams.
Immortalized in movies as a place of rolling hills,vast green lands, beautiful well fed animals living in unusual harmony,with no humans!It seemed that to each one of us we should be the first one to go to that unique place,in silos,with only nature around us( strange! we never include ourselves in our definition of nature).And guess what we have done to go to that place.We are always anxious,getting jealous ,becoming obnoxious,tottering between god-cursing and self demeaning behavior.
And we don't know what purpose our mind,body and heart are there for,we seek knowledge,we seek answers,as if god forgot to fit the answering machine while he went for his supper.Why we don't think pure,why our body aches from the daily routine,why our heart goes back to those heart aches as if someone up there has put a bookmark on our lives,to go back and repeat.A hoop-a-la, a matrix where we are not the one,neo.
To me sometimes,we are nothing but testing bots for a supreme power,we are made believe to have extraordinary powers of resolve,kindness and love and yet the strings are pulled from somewhere else.We crib about yet believe in destiny,luck and that elusive pot of gold.What I see in the mirror is a doppelganger, I have started doubting my own existence.I feel I am the lifeless monkey in the partnership with a absent ventriloquist we call God.The insecurity in all of us whether for our future is more about having something and someone.We truly are social and we truly are animals.
The place in the ether where I can do whatever I want must exist,because there is a place where I cannot do whatever I like and also there is a place where I am forced to do everything I don't like.People might say choice is all ours but we all need something else to confirm it to us.
The place of great escape called home,the goto person called friend,the omnipresent angels called parents are more than amulets we care for.Our thoughts are centered around them and more.More are the desires.They never end.So we are thrown in a vortex to struggle to get out to a comfortable spiral pace to still spin.We are not allowed to get out.And that`s the reason why we are so very enticed by God,Satan,Death,heaven..hell!! For they represent a getaway,they are the pinups on our freedom wall like heroes.We created religion so that we can fear and hope in equal measure and let someone not escape this mundanity.We created relations so that we believe that our bodies are much more than the blood pressure and neurons travelling randomly.We created money,terrorism,destruction too.Shin-Shan. We have done all.Been there,done that.
But what`s next.The heaven`s receding away,the hell not far behind.Whether we would reestablish our notions or we would be reestablished,who knows!We like to know the answers to our questions,but lets first ask the right questions.
A great stew is this life.Hunger belies bellies,some big ,some small.And potboiler is the palette of our emotions.Throw in some spice of love and we are good to rumble.But is the yearning of going aboard the Noah`s Ark is lost somewhere or is the ember still burning.The wisest tell that the 'paradiso' is our earth only,and we are gods in our own measure.But as they say,we would like to believe something else and wait for the rolling hills and the nymphets serving divine nectar.

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